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ServicesBens Mom is a boutique florist, operating out of a studio in Cape Town rather than a retail space. We specialize in Wedding & Events Flowers in Johannesburg, KZN and the Western Cape. We have been operating for the last 4 years, and have built many close relationships with suppliers in the industry around the country.

We don’t carry stock, therefore special occasion orders are treated with the utmost personal detail, from getting in the freshest flowers to accessorising them with our special touch, and on to a guaranteed happy recipient. This of course, all comes at a price and therefore we have had to bring in a- ‘no special occasion order under R350’ policy- sorry.

Our aim has always been to share the gift of beauty that flowers bring into a space, and so we encourage weekly flowers in an office or home space. We have become like part of the furniture at so many places, we just come and go and flowers are changed over without us even seeing our clients for weeks.

We love silk flowers, and only use the best imported silk flowers in our arrangements. Yes, they are more expensive but they last forever, and half the time you can’t tell the difference between real and silk. Perfect for planters in any style house, in hospitals, doctors room, and restaurants.

Every flower that passes our hands onto yours has been prepared with a mothers love.