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For years and years, a passion for floral design has flowed through the genetic veins of my family, from mother to child to her child… So there was no surprise to those who know me, when, after the birth of my son, and a few months living in “baby land”, I was itching to birth another baby - one that had been planted deep down inside me for as far back as I can remember.

The seed was sown when I was a very young girl, watching my own mother design and arrange flowers weekend after weekend, as she had done as a child. Over the years the dream grew and the budding florist inside me started to bloom.

But it was when I lay in the hospital bed, holding my son - only a few hours old – surrounded by flowers and nothing else, that I truly knew, it was my time, I was the mother now, I am Ben’s mom!

Celebrating special occasions with floral design is my absolute passion. The look on the birthday girl’s face, or that of a wife of the husband that knows her favorite flower, keeps me going in an industry that is first to take a knock when budgets get tight. Nothing measures up to fresh flowers on your wedding day, or floral art that takes your event to the next level.

As Ben watches me design and arrange flowers now, day after day, I am filled with the deepest sense of faith that I am honoring the plan that was drawn out for my life, even before I was born.